Friday, 11 July 2014

It's the Weekend!

This week has been busy so I'm looking forward to a bit of downtime. My plans include curling up with a catching up on some TV and tackling that to-do list!

So what happened this week? I decided to dive back into a bit of chick-lit with an impulse book buy. I picked up a copy of Jane Costello's The Wish List because the title and blurb intrigued me. It's about a twenty-something who finds a list she and her friends wrote as teenagers about where they'd like to be in the future, and of course it doesn't quite live up to reality! I've started it already and it's just the kind of read I was looking for. In fact, I've already treated myself to another book by the same author (Girl on the Run) to read afterwards! I think the summer brings out the chick-lit lover in me. Can't wait til I can spend some time in the garden with a few books.

I've also discovered a love of Graze's black pepper pistachios, which proved to be a perfect work snack this week. I've already treated myself to a few little snack bags of pistachios for next week! Since getting my braces off a few months ago I've been trying to expand what I eat again. Nuts were off the cards for a while. I never really ate them much before I got braces but there's nothing like not being able to eat something for a while to make you want to try it!

I haven't watched much TV but I am keeping up with current series of Celebrity Masterchef. I always love the mass catering challenges the best - probably because it's usually the type of food I would actually eat when I go out! As for this series' celebrities, I find Christopher Biggins equally hilarious and annoying. He certainly livens things up!

If you have the chance, I'd highly recommend laying your hands on the latest issue of Glamour magazine, purely for the article titled "The Dos and Don'ts of Being an Actual Full-Grown Woman" by Sarah Silverman. The list of tips is honest, hilarious and inspiring and I'll definitely be taking note.

I still have some of my weekly goals to reach but I'm not worrying too much. One of my goals this week was to write in my journal. The book I got to give me prompts suggests writing in the morning which I haven't been managing. I don't get anything done in the morning other than dressing and feeding myself! And in the evenings I'm often quite tired. Hopefully this can change over the weekend when I don't have to rush out the door. I also need to crack on with my theory and hazard perception practice. It's not something you can really do when you're tired!

A bit of Lady Gaga popped up on my iPod this week and reminded me how much I love her, so I thought I'd end the post with one of my favourite Gaga songs.

Have a great weekend!


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