Saturday, 19 July 2014

Passing My Theory Test and Other Adventures

So I passed my driving theory test this week! Woo-hoo. My biggest feeling afterwards was that of relief. I'd been so terrified I was going to fail. It's probably the first test I've taken since I had to drop out of school because of poor health, so I am totally out of practice. The revising was driving me crazy because I had to find time when I had enough energy to focus on the hazard perception clips! But I managed it and all that practice was worth it. Yay! And I got better than scores than most of the mock tests I've been sitting. I got 48/50 on the theory and 66/75 on the hazard perception which I'm pretty pleased with.

I also had a driving lesson on the same day which went well. I don't have a car to practise in because my parents don't drive, so I'm not getting anything other than the time I spend in lessons. My instructor had been on holiday for two weeks and whenever I have a break I'm usually a bit rusty when I get back behind the wheel. My only real hiccup this week was that we went to a really hilly part of town and did lots of hill starts, and I must have failed to fully release the handbrake about four times. Woops! But other than that I left my lesson feeling happy and confident about how the driving is going. Can't wait until I have that freedom to drive by myself!

So what else happened this week? Well I had my eyes tested which was boring, but I'm picking up my new glasses next week which is exciting. There was only a minor change in my prescription but I really needed new prescription sunglasses. My old ones don't fit right at all and are barely wearable, and with this sun making more of an appearence (typically I'm writing this and it's thunder and lightning outside, oh well!) the need was getting greater. It was buy one get one free on the glasses I wanted so as well as new sunglasses I got a regular pair as well. I literally only suit one style of frame which luckily I've learnt over the years, so now I head straight for design. When I first started wearing glasses I would spend hours trying on different styles only for none of them to suit me!

I treated myself to a few little bits this week including some YA fiction books I totally didn't need (oh dear!). But I did get some slightly more useful bits. I've been looking into doing something like pilates to build up some muscle strength so I bought myself an exercise mat. I also found a recipe book by Nadia Sawalha called Greedy Girl's Diet - that's my type of diet! Flicking through it has me really excited to try out some of the healthy recipes. Oh and my latest Graze box came! I got chilli and lime pistachios, Mississippi BBQ pistachios, natural energy nuts and herby bread basket. Yum!

Now to spend a Sunday reading and relaxing!

EscapeeBee x

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