Saturday, 5 July 2014

Little Treats

Having a job and having money to treat myself with is still a bit of a novelty to me! I still feel slightly when I buy myself things purely because I want them and not because I need them, but it's nice that I can do it a bit more often and I'm starting to relax a little bit about what I buy myself.

One rare treat I love is a good magazine. It's a hard thing to justify to yourself because it's probably only going to end up on the recycling pile in a few weeks time! But I've always loved reading magazines, ever since the days of buying Mizz magazine as a pre-teen.

This month I've treated myself to Marie Claire and Glamour, both because they came with decent free things! I bought Marie Claire for the free nail varnish which I'll be trying out this weekend. Glamour is probably my most regular buy and this issue features Ellie Goulding who I adore. It came with a Clinique moisturiser which will definitely come in useful. I don't know if I'll bu Marie Claire again to be honest. I found it to be quite advert and picture heavy. I'm loving this issue of Glamour though. It made my hour bus commute a lot more entertaining this morning!

I also ordered another Graze box. I've been having quite a few lately because they're great for mid-morning snacks. I usually have my breakfast super early in the morning so need something around 11 to see me through to lunch! And having food pop through the door is a pretty lovely treat. Graze have also allowed you more flexbility in what you get in your box as well. I'm trying not to have too many sugary snacks so I asked for more savoury choices this time. They look good!

I've also splurged on a few books lately. Oops! But they were (mostly) non-fiction books which is a change for me. I'm going to feature some of them in future posts so I'll save that for now.

What are your little treats to yourself?

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