About Me

I'm EscapeeBee (you can also call me Sarah) and I'm a twenty-something with a passion for reading, writing, music, food and bargains! I've been blogging for a while, mainly as a book blogger, but life got in the way of my reading time and I found it hard to keep up with writing reviews. I still have the writing bug and wanted a place to share things and so Escaping the Buzz was born!

On this blog I'll be sharing a little bit of everything from my current favourite music, TV shows and films to a sneak peak at and bargains I've stumbled across whilst shopping. Hopefully there'll be recipes and food ideas, and lots and lots of pictures! I love following lifestlyle and food bloggers who have inspired me to share my own ideas with the world.

I'm currently recovering from chronic illness which is something that has hugely shaped who I am today. I have learnt a huge amount about myself and others from my battle against M.E/CFS (M.E/chronic fatigue syndrome) and it has taught me what is important in life. It is because of that that I want to keep this as positive a blog as possible and hopefully document my journey back to health. I'm always looking for ways to inspire and motivate myself, and I think documenting some of the key moments in my life will be a huge part of that,

Whatever has brought you here, I hope you enjoy the blog!

EscapeeBee x

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