Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weekly Goals

I thought this would be a nice post to do on a Sunday to motivate me for the rest of the week! This week will be quite a busy one but hopefully I can achieve a few of the following things over the course of the next seven days.

1. Keep writing in my new journal! I recently treated myself to a new notebook and the book "365 Journal Writing Ideas". I've kept diaries in the past that have more been a record of what I've done, and I always ran out of steam. This book provides plenty of fresh ideas for keeping a journal, from lists of things you want to do to mini short stories. I haven't been writing anything much lately so I'm dying to get pen to paper.

2. Practise theory and hazard perception tests. I'm currently learning to drive and my theory test is coming up soon. I'm pretty good at theory but suck at hazard perception so I need to put in the work!

3. Write and share three blog posts. When I started this blog I knew there would be no regular schedule and I'd only post as and when I had stuff to say, but I've been so inspired lately that I have a lot of posts in my head ready to write.

4. Finish a book. I've not got a lot of time to read at the moment but I'm nearly at the end of my current read - The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson - so it seems an achievable goal this week!

5. Take more pictures. I've realised lately that I have so few photos from this year and it's flying by. Hopefully I can snap a few adventures this week!

What are your goals for this week? Let me know in the comments!

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